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Solving the World’s Fluffy Tailed Rodent Problem

May 15, 2015 | Dogs

The video is a little dark, but if you turn it up you can hear the cute little scuffles and snoring.

Chemo: day 5 (belated)

May 11, 2015 | Cancer, Chemo Day

Spot the poo

Friday hit me like a two ton… heavy thing.

Caution, this could get gross.

I’m just now getting back to feeling how I felt on Thursday: nauseated, tired and creaky. I finally pooped. Between the stool softeners, the Ex-Lax and the Lactulose I finally got rid of the contents of my bowels. It wasn’t pretty, though because of all the weird shit I’d been taking to get ’em moving it didn’t smell or feel like poop at all. Go figure.

I’ve only puked once. Thankfully. But it was a 30 minute ordeal that produced nothing but chemical-smelling, putrid, yellow bile. I unfortunately hit the bathroom floor with some of it so Andy had to clean that up. She had to hit it Comet to get the smell out.

Every joint in my body is complaining. My sinuses are dripping like faucets. There’s a headache back there waiting to pounce at any minute. I don’t sleep through the night because I’ve been laying down so much I can’t stay in any one position for very long. I’ve been sleeping so much I’m starting to get very odd dreams. The neuropathy is making my entire body tingle.

I’m hoping today is the turning point where I start to feel better (until next round, of course). I don’t smell the chemicals on my breath or in my sweat any more. I’m looking forward to getting outside and going for a walk.

Sometimes I can eat. Most times not. Even water tastes bad and unfortunately I’m probably dehydrating myself a bit. Those times that I have eaten I have unfortunately been way too eager and upset my tummy with how much I took in. I need to look at everything in half portions for a while.

The two high points I have in my day are the way that Andy is hanging in there and brushing my teeth (seriously). Andy has been wonderful. She’s taking everything in stride and not getting visibly frustrated with my ever changing whimsy. I’m not sure how I’ll repay her after this. I’m sure whatever I do it won’t be enough.

Chemo: day 4

May 7, 2015 | Cancer, Chemo Day


That’s me putting on a brave face for the camera. Again, Chris’ credit card pays off in spades.

I got a different nurse today. He was good. It looks like this hospital is staffed pretty well.

I slept through most of the treatment. We came home and I slept some more. The nausea is pretty well under control, but still overwhelming at times. I still haven’t pooped. I’m full of Ex-Lax and Milk of Magnesia so we’ll see what the morning brings.

I got a nice FaceTime interlude from my co-workers as they drink off the stress of the run-up to next week’s conference. That was nice. Awkward, but nice.

Chemo: day 3

May 6, 2015 | Cancer, Chemo Day

Private room, hiding monkey.

I got me a private room today. It was pretty nice. I was able to nap for about half of the session. And no personnel issues today so everything moved right along. I heard some folks didn’t get to go home ’till about 8pm last night. Yeesh.

I’m really starting to feel the nausea now. I didn’t eat all day but I was able to force down dinner. I still haven’t pooped so its only way out might be to come back up. Andy brought me home a large Starbucks Latte earlier ’cause that usually wipes out my colon, but no dice. Whatever is lodged in there doesn’t want to come out.

I’m retaining fluids too. My hands are puffy. Not visibly, but I can feel my wedding ring is super tight. What pee I do get out smells like I could light it on fire.

Guarded by frogs

By gathering strength from my Frog Blankie I was able to do without a wrap on my IV today. I still couldn’t watch the nurse put it in, but I was able to have it out in the open. I’m started to get a little fascinated by it.

Chemo: day 2

May 5, 2015 | Cancer, Chemo Day

CISplatin a pumpin'

The IV today fucking hurt. Getting the port sounds good again 😉 But I think I’ll have to average out the suck across 5 days and see what it looks like.

It was a long day today. In for about 6.5 hours since there was a back-up in getting the drugs out in a timely manner. Something about a few people calling in sick or some such deal. There were quite a few bitchy people on the floor because of it. The nurses all handled it light a champ, but some cranky-ass fuckers just had to sit there and bitch and bitch and bitch. Fortunately they were relieved by their manager who stood in and took the shit.

I was in no hurry. I napped.

I feel bad for Andy. I get a comfy chair and I know hers isn’t that comfy. She went for a walk, though. I was jealous. Before this I never thought that I’d be jealous of being able to walk down a long, boring hallway and back. I’ll have to see if I can do that tomorrow. I don’t know if they let us out in the wild with the IV pumps or not.

I’m starting to notice some mild side-effects. The anti-nausea drugs kept me up all night. Went to bed at 9:30pm but was up again by midnight. Finally went back to bed around 4:45am. I haven’t pooped since chemo started. If the trend continues tomorrow morning I’ll have to bring it up with the nurse. I need to check drug side-effects to see which one is doing it to me.

I was able to nap after chemo. I wanted to walk the dogs, but I was just so tired. I loaded up the MMJ oil, heavy in CBD, in to a vaporizer thing and gave it a shot. Whatever mild nausea I did have was taken care of pretty well. I probably over did a bit because I wanted to knock myself out. But it worked and I got some good sleep time in. I hope I can figure out how stay on some kind of regular sleep schedule.


I almost forgot present #3 from yesterday’s batch of gifts from my excellent friends at Twilio:

Wompa hat, courtesy of Shawn's fellow Twilions.

It is a bit warm to wear all the time. But since it has ear flaps I can wrap it around my neck and it helps me stay cozy.