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It has been a while

October 17, 2005 | Life

So, wow. It has been more than 2 weeks since my last post. I’ve been busier than hell and combine that with the return of the NHL and our watching the original Firefly series on DVD I’ve just plum run out of time lately.

I’ve got 3 large projects running concurrently – a PDF datasheet generator for work, an AJAX class for home and work, and a large form processing script for both home and work. Add on top of that all the little things that come and go and, well, time flies…

I really hope to be posting back soon on a regular basis – I miss it. But for now I’ll just have to relate a small tidbit that I ran over a rabbit last night on the way home from my parent’s place and I feel really bad about it. He (I’ll assume it was male since it was stupid) was stopped in the middle of the lane I swerved to get around him and he ran right underneath the car. Poor little guy.

So, until next time, this is Gippy the Rabbit Killer going back to work.

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  • Aw, isn’t that nice of you to feel bad about the dead bunny-wabbit… you feckin’ murderer.

    Joey B., October 19, 2005 10:51 am | permalink

  • Poor bunny. Could have been worse though, you could have splattered a skunk like I did last week. Ewww.

    CrabbyCakes, October 17, 2005 1:28 pm | permalink

  • This doesn’t sound so bad. Now if you said you went back and picked up the carrion…. that would have me worried.


    Zalgren, October 18, 2005 4:18 am | permalink

  • Ed,

    If I thought that there’d be enough left, maybe… but he was kinda small. I probably destroyed all the good meat.

    Shawn Parker, October 18, 2005 6:20 am | permalink

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