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Water water.

Aug 18, 2008 | Life | By Shawn Parker

2.5 days of rain. And water seeping into the basement. Ugh.

Fortunately the only damage was to CD/DVD boxes that had been stored away more than 2 years ago since everything is now in iTunes. We threw away more than 300 CD cases and a few DVD Cases. Fortunately the old VHS cases were OK.

There was a nice smell of mold, though, so we bought some disinfectant and cleaned out the corner but will still want to call in a mold cleanup person and then probably need to have the area tuck-pointed after that. It looks like that area had been incurring some damage for a while but since it was only seeping in it wasn’t obvious.

The spiders back there sure loved it. I sucked up at least 15 with the vacuum cleaner. 😉

Between cleaning out the water damaged items and the general cleaning spree that the whole thing spawned I threw out close to 600 CD and DVD boxes. They were hanging around under the pretense of “I might need them some day” but some day doesn’t look like its gonna come. I used to go through a lot of CDs and DVDs when doing a lot of freelance work, and that was a lot of print work, but any more I’m all web based and not really doing a lot of freelance. And all the backups are on redundant hard drives so CD/DVD backup isn’t as relevant any more. Anyone want to buy a spindle of CD-Rs? I didn’t think so.

We ended up with a full car load delivered to Goodwill – a car load is much larger than it used to be with the new WRX, I guess I forgot to post about our new WRX. And we’re not done. There’s so much more we should get rid of. So much we’re hanging on to for one reason or another. Downsizing feels so good, but it makes for some tough choices.

Okay, so enough meandering.

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