This post is WAAAAAAAY overdue. Since I haven’t posted anything in a while you deserve something really stinking cute as a reward for contining to check in here.

After losing Stella to cancer in May of 2020, we decided soon after that we wanted another dog. So we looked around a bit and landed on this 8 year old velvet hippo named Mama. Mama spent most of her life on a farm. Her former owners tell us that she showed up on the farm one day with puppies in tow. She was probably a year old at the time. They eventually found homes for her puppies but decided to keep her.

She spent a lot of her years on the farm with a 3 legged dachshund named Chicklet. Apparently even saving Chicklet from coyotes. We tried to see if we could get Chicklet, but he was being kept for health related issues, and we eventually found that the original owners took him back.

She’s a sweet ol’ gal. Scared of everything. We can vacation with her, she’s OK in a hotel room, but getting her up to the room is a chore. Darting left and right, trying to get away from anything that moves or make noise, she’s not a happy camper during that transition period.

Car rides are serious business, and if we let her, she’d sleep in there. She’ll try to approach other cars while out on walks, hoping to get picked up. It is her happy place.

The corner of the sofa is her safe place. Any time she’s not happy she’s there, curled up with her fuzzy blanket and whatever pillows she hasn’t pushed off to the floor while trying to climb on top of them. When sitting in that spot I’ll often get the stink eye of disapproval.

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