Wookiee with Chicken Hat Well, this is my little corner of insanity in an html wrapper. Feel free to browse around, but be warned, there is no warranty or statement of competency, so you really shouldn’t be reading this at all. It’ll rot your brain.

In a nutshell I am:

  • a husband
  • a dog person
  • a photographer
  • a software engineer
  • a graphic designer
  • a Mac geek
  • a motorcyclist

And to get a bit more formal about it:

Shawn “Wookiee” Parker earned his bachelor’s degree in visual arts with an emphasis in photography from the University of Northern Colorado. After graduating, he moved to southern Colorado and began his career as a photojournalist, where he won a first-place award from the Associated Press for general news photography. Later, he relocated to Denver and started working in pre-press and graphic design while also teaching himself web development.

A self-taught programmer, Shawn eventually earned a job as a web designer and developer for a computer hardware and software distributor before joining Crowd Favorite where he learned more than he ever thought he’d know about WordPress. Shawn now works for Twilio doing just about anything that needs doing (just so long as its not in Ruby).

The son of a naval officer, Shawn spent much of his childhood living oversees in England and Holland. Today, he lives in San Francisco, California. When he’s not obsessing over his Mac, his camera, or a piece of cheesecake, he spends his time doting on his wife. He used to do his part for the environment and ride his bicycle to work every day, but commuting circumstances has led him to put in his daily miles via motorcycle.