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Closer still

We have a shower in the bathroom! The whole ordeal of getting a shower in this bathroom started when we ordered an acrylic clawfoot tub which cannot support the weight of overhead shower systems that are attached to the water valves. Something about the whole thing being too heavy. Well, after finding that out we […]

May 29, 2005 | Home Improvement | 3 comments

The Good News Is

The bathroom has walls. And the bads news? The bathroom has walls that need to be primered and painted. I have to say I hate painting, but at least there is nothing in there that I have to worry about so a few things are taped up and then its gonna fly.

March 31, 2005 | Home Improvement | 11 comments

That was quick…

Swapping out a water heater is pretty darn easy for someone who knows what they’re doing. After only 3 hours of work we now have a new 50 gallon water heater that is double the efficiency of the old unit. It really wasn’t that hard to top the efficiency – the old one was 20 […]

November 23, 2004 | Home Improvement | 4 comments