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What isn’t becomes what could be. Projects that used Photoshop to manipulate or construct a scene to make it more than it was before.

Server Room

We needed a shot of a server room crowded with janitorial equipment. Something that no IT Manager would ever let happen, not even if the equipment were dry and empty and if everybody “promised to be careful”. Just not gonna happen. So I got permission to shoot our server room and then reconstructed the angle […]

April 2, 2008 | Digital Composition & Illustration | Comments Off on Server Room

Road to Recovery

Maybe its a bit cliche, but its fun imagery. We wanted recovery to be right around the corner, or just over that hill. Once a good stock image of a roadway was found I constructed the road sign in PhotoShop to make the scene. Pretty straight forward but a fun use of smart objects and […]

January 5, 2008 | Digital Composition & Illustration | Comments Off on Road to Recovery

Porsche Illustration

This started out as a personal project to learn the advanced features of Adobe Illustrator and turned into a 20+ layer monster. Even now it brings my computer to its knees with layers on layers of gradient meshes and transparent color building.

February 20, 2006 | Digital Composition & Illustration | Comments Off on Porsche Illustration