OpenHab Cheat Sheet


If Apple Home says that the OpenHab device needs to be reset, check the status of the OpenHab homekit integration:

avahi-browse _hap._tcp -vr

In the result you should find:

= enp7s0 IPv4 OpenHAB                                       _hap._tcp            local
   hostname = [nab5-wookiee-internal.local]
   address = []
   port = [9123]
   txt = ["id=8e:5e:58:2f:e0:38" "md=OpenHAB" "pv=1.1" "ci=2" "sh=Kg7NjQ==" "sf=0" "ff=0" "s#=1" "c#=3"]

For the integration you should see sf=1. If you see sf=0 then the integration is already paired and needs to be released.


$ docker exec -it openhab /openhab/runtime/bin/client

Password: habopen

$ openhab:homekit clearPairings

If that doesn’t work, stop OpenHab, then backup and edit userdata/jsondb/homekit.json to remove the user: entries. Upon restarting OpenHab you should be able to connect to Apple Home. Note: Don’t forget to remove the trailing comma from the JSON object entries!