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What month is this again?

We’re not supposed to have this kind of color in December. I’m actually ready for some snow.

December 12, 2010 | Life, Photography | Comments Off on What month is this again?

Dried up and colorful

From a trip to my parents’ house today. Colors have been boosted slightly, but weren’t faked. Those are from various colorful items in the background.

April 4, 2010 | Photography | Comments Off on Dried up and colorful

Going to start posting images

I’m going to start posting images here in an attempt to get myself more excited and maybe actually motivated to go out and shoot more. I don’t get out and do it enough and as of late I’ve found myself doubting my abilities as an artistic photographer. So this is also an attempt to boost […]

August 22, 2005 | Photography | 2 comments

Converting Color Images to Grayscale

This is an old technique but one that I think far too few people know about. The process of converting color images to grayscale is not as easy as simply selecting grayscale from PhotoShop’s Image > Mode menu. Changing to grayscale by that method compresses the image’s natural balance, and even if the natural balance […]

June 26, 2005 | Photoshop | 3 comments