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Let’s hear it for customizeable toolbars

A huge thorn in my side is the appropriate use of Reply-All vs. Reply when replying to an email. I don’t have a problem hitting reply all when I notice that the message was directed to more people than just me, I typically don’t notice that it was sent to more than just me, so […]

January 11, 2007 | Computers | 4 comments

Bash me a PDF

UPDATE: Being a linux n00b I didn’t think that even though Ghostscript 7.07 can support everything I’ve done here it doesn’t mean that its been compiled with everything needed to do the job right. My test server at work and my production server both run GS 7.07 but the production server is lacking the EPS […]

January 2, 2006 | Web Design & Development | 4 comments