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Why the AppleTV needs to support more video formats

Because no matter which computer I convert formats on this will happen a few times in each conversion.

January 29, 2011 | Computers | Comments Off on Why the AppleTV needs to support more video formats

Hard drive failure is good?

You’re probably thinking I’m on crack. How about a little back-story. I recently had a near catastrophic hard drive failure on the drive that housed all my music. I feared the worst for a while but after a stroke of luck I was able to recover most of the drive. I don’t think I lost […]

September 15, 2006 | Life | 2 comments

Watch Those Teeth!

I was having a rough night last night since a hard drive failed on me and it was the one that housed my unwieldly music collection. I was pretty frustrated. I ended up going to bed already half asleep. I wasn’t in bed more than 2 minutes when I heard something funny and the bed […]

March 11, 2006 | Dogs | 2 comments