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Firefox view-source tab-width

Rejoice! There’s a way to set the tab with of the view-source window in Firefox. In March of this year Mozilla finally added an about:config option to control the tab-width in Firefox. I’m on Firefox 3.6.6 and it works like so: Enter about:config in the url bar. Filter the list (using the search box at […]

July 15, 2010 | Computers | 2 comments

Multiple Firefox Homepages

I’m probably the last one to notice this, but I thought it was pretty neat. Place a bar character, |, inbetween entries in the Home Page entry box in the Preferences pane and Firefox will start up and open each entry in a new tab. You can get this same thing by opening up pages […]

November 28, 2006 | Computers | 1 comment

Don’t pay for that download manager, silly boy!

Not where there’s DownloadThemAll (dTa page at Mozilla Extensions site) available for Firefox. Normally stuff like this would just go in the links, but this is cool enough to dote on for a while.

July 8, 2006 | Computers | 7 comments

A couple of Firefox fixes

This is more a note to myself than it is a tip. I’ve lost this info several times so I’m just leaving myself a note here since this gets backed up regularly. Both of these tips can be performed by entering Firefox and entering ‘about:config’ in the address bar and searching for part of the […]

July 23, 2005 | Computers | 2 comments

Fire Up Firefox

Though I prefer to use Safari for everyday browsing I keep Firefox on hand because it represents a major player in the browser market that I need to test against and because it has a wealth of extensions that make web development easier. Of the many extensions for Firefox I have found a small set […]

July 21, 2005 | Computers | Comments Off on Fire Up Firefox