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Gippy’s Got a New Job

Just when you least expect it life changes. And quickly at that. Long story short. A cold call from a recruiter on last Wednesday leads to me signing a work contract with a new employer the following Wednesday. Wow! I’ve never heard of that happening before, let alone with a company that has me this […]

May 2, 2008 | Life | Comments Off on Gippy’s Got a New Job

Gippy Pages turns 1 year old…

September 11 marks a few treacherous days in history: The Battle of Brandywine in 1777, the crashing of airliners into the world trade center in 2001, and the founding of the Gippy Pages in 2004. No, I don’t claim to be as influential and significant as those, but it does go to show that bad […]

September 11, 2005 | Web Design & Development | 9 comments

Gippy Pages = top-frog

Well, I finally got around to it. Using the advice of Tom and xSmurf I’ve finally gotten this site a domain. I had just pulling duty as a place to stuff, well, stuff. Now it is the new home of the Gippy Pages. So, if you’ve actually bookmarked this monstrosity, please update your bookmark […]

July 26, 2005 | Computers | 22 comments