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As seen on Bare Bones’ website

Look, ma, we’re famous! Ok, not really. Thanks to the guys (and gals?) over at Bare Bones my WordPress Clippings for BBEdit are now listed on the Official BBEdit Clippings Library page. Now I’ll have to see if I can talk them in to some kind of developer discount as I haven’t had a chance […]

May 7, 2010 | Plugins, Web Design & Development | Comments Off on As seen on Bare Bones’ website

And now an iTunes bitch…

So, I finally moved my music library back to the server this morning. But after launching iTunes I noticed that it can’t find a ton of the songs. Upon further inspection it can’t find any of the rated songs. All unrated songs are playing just fine – anything with a star rating is needing to […]

October 6, 2006 | Computers | Comments Off on And now an iTunes bitch…