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XBox 360 #2 is dead

Harumph. Seems like the 25-35% failure rate of XBoxes may not be far off the mark. No sooner does Microsoft extent the warranty against the 3 flashing red lights, aka: Red Ring of Death, my replacement XBox 360 goes down like a 3 dollar hooker. Do I seem bitter?

July 24, 2007 | Life | 3 comments

IE 7: this is a little disappointing

The Internet Explorer 7 seems to be a basic functionality release. All the talk on the IE Blog about standards compatability didn’t seem to leak its way into this release. This version is actually seems worse than IE 6 at page rendering and compatability. The text to follow is a highly biased review (hey, I’m […]

July 28, 2005 | Web Design & Development | 4 comments

That’s just embarrasing

Just 24 hours after its announcement the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage" initiative was cracked. And it was cracked by none other than Javascript. This is not only embarrasing for Microsoft that this was cracked but embarrasing to show that they used an easily manipulated technology like Javascript to control the check process.

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