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Beware MAMP’s default Caching Settings

MAMP is a wonderful thing. It allows for quick setup of a LAMP stack just about anywhere. This makes it great for testing. However, the folks who manage MAMP are focusing MAMP’s default settings towards production use, not development use. This means that XCache is turned on by default and that means that there is […]

March 14, 2011 | Computers, Web Design & Development | 3 comments

Everything I know about optimizing a WordPress install

I don’t mean to badmouth WordPress when I say this, but if you deploy a WordPress based site without optimizing your install you’re just asking for a slow site. Below is everything I know about optimizing a WordPress installation. It is by no means a list of everything you can do to optimize a server […]

March 31, 2010 | Web Design & Development | 7 comments

MacPorts, php5-mysql & mysqlnd

If you don’t know what that title says, don’t bother reading on 😉 A little useless history: MacPorts decided to use the recent release of PHP 5.3 to change the way they handle PHP5 Extensions. They used to be applied by the MacPorts variants system but have been changed (and appear to still be in […]

August 26, 2009 | PHP Scripting | 4 comments

Type Casting in MySQL, One Possible Application

Long story short: If you have a closed system and have to store signed integers in a MySQL varchar field you can still get the benefits of the signed integer by type casting the field during the query.

August 10, 2009 | Computers | 1 comment

Search and replace directly within MySQL.

MySQL always amazes me with the breadth of functionality that it has. Too often we just use it to push and pull information from the database. So when I hit an occasion where I can so in a single SQL statement that would require a time consuming PHP I get excited.

April 3, 2009 | Web Design & Development | 2 comments

MySQL bug with GROUP BY

Found a nice little bug in the stable version of MySQL5 in the MacPorts repository yesterday. Version is 5.051a and when using GROUP BY it ignored ORDER BY DESC and returned results in ascending order. Its been a known bug since MARCH. The MySQL5-devel port is working fine in the mean time, but holy shit. […]

June 19, 2008 | Web Design & Development | Comments Off on MySQL bug with GROUP BY

Case Insensitivity and a bite in the ass

I made a disturbing discovery lately and I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to run across it. Case insensitivity in OS X can play havoc with a website, like completely bring it down, if any capitalization errors are made and not caught before moving to a case-sensitive server, like a unix […]

March 16, 2007 | PHP Scripting | 4 comments

Is this a normal coding enviroment?

Or: Editors, Editors Everywhere. Go Nuts I know I’ve done an "Editor Roundup" before, but: Doing work in a variety of languages has had me jumping editors and IDEs looking for the single perfect editor for handling PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and the occasional Bash script. I recently gave up and just settled on […]

August 14, 2006 | PHP Scripting | 4 comments

MySQL speed up tip for OS X

So, while it was nice to have MySQL on my server and on my laptop I had always felt that it was a bit pokey as far as response times go. Turns out I wasn’t wrong. And its easy to fix.

July 12, 2006 | Computers | 2 comments

mySQL Class Updated for PHP 5 part 1

I’ve updated the SQL class to use some native PHP 5, namely constructors and destructors and include some backward compatibility so PHP 4 does not freak out when it loads the class. I’ll hopefully be making this 100% PHP 5 native soon enough as I’ll actually have a native PHP 5 environment to apply it […]

March 6, 2006 | PHP Scripting | Comments Off on mySQL Class Updated for PHP 5 part 1

mySQL Class Updated

The change is minor but has significant meaning to the script. I added two functions – escapeData() and buildQuery(). The significance of adding these is mainly in the escapeData() function. Instead of encouraging the user the use addslashes before using submitted data or, worse yet, encouraging the user to rely on magic_quotes, the escapeData function […]

September 12, 2005 | PHP Scripting | 7 comments

Another baton? What will they think of next?

So, it seems, I’ve been passed another baton. This time on system setup. I use a 15" powerbook so there’s not much of a thrill there. The desk is still a mess from moving the server, but I do have a pic of the server for those interested enough to look.

July 10, 2005 | Computers | 1 comment

MySQL Abstraction update…

Yep, the script needed updating already. I left out a routine in the arrayAssoc and arrayNum functions to account for an empty result set. So if you’ve downloaded it, grab this new version here. Did anyone actually download and use the first one?

June 24, 2005 | PHP Scripting | 3 comments

My MySQL Abstraction Class

We all do it, and its a foundation of providing dynamic web content. The database call is almost everywhere now as dynamic pages are becoming the norm and not the exception. More and more I’m making database calls and my old class just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

June 17, 2005 | PHP Scripting | 7 comments