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Javascript table row highlighting. Then and Now.

Just so that you’re sufficiently warned: This post offers no practical information. Its a "remember when? didn’t that suck?" post. I think it was 2004. Prototype.js was new and was rocking my world. But it was still just a few convenience features put on top of JavaScript. I needed to stripe table rows dynamically and […]

February 12, 2009 | Web Design & Development | Comments Off on Javascript table row highlighting. Then and Now.

Well, that was easy…

For a while here at work I’d been struggling with the best way to deliver content to Excel users so they could further manipulate or repurpose the data. The best thing I’d found had been to deliver an Excel content header on a tab deliniated string of data from the database. Well, in a stroke […]

February 3, 2006 | PHP Scripting | Comments Off on Well, that was easy…