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Yep. Work has been time consuming. I’ve been reading more (currently reading up "World War Z"). I’ve been focusing more on photography and boning up on my lighting skills. Been programming plenty, just all at work. Life is good, but this poor, poor, excuse for a blog is dying a horrible death. He didn’t totally […]

April 23, 2008 | Life | 1 comment

Holy crap I need some motivation

I’m down and feeling lazy. I’m having a hard time applying myself and concentrating on projects. I’m looking for easy ways out. It could be that I’ve not been able to really finish a project at work that I’ve needed to do for some time. It’s all been rush stuff that other people decide are […]

September 5, 2005 | Life | 2 comments

RSS Snafu Fixed

I noticed a snafu with the links in the RSS feed this morning. I forgot to update the links in the RSS feed when I changed domains so when a link was followed to read the full story the user was not presented with the full story. That has now been fixed. If a story […]

August 3, 2005 | Web Design & Development | 3 comments

IE 7: this is a little disappointing

The Internet Explorer 7 seems to be a basic functionality release. All the talk on the IE Blog about standards compatability didn’t seem to leak its way into this release. This version is actually seems worse than IE 6 at page rendering and compatability. The text to follow is a highly biased review (hey, I’m […]

July 28, 2005 | Web Design & Development | 4 comments

Fire Up Firefox

Though I prefer to use Safari for everyday browsing I keep Firefox on hand because it represents a major player in the browser market that I need to test against and because it has a wealth of extensions that make web development easier. Of the many extensions for Firefox I have found a small set […]

July 21, 2005 | Computers | Comments Off on Fire Up Firefox