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Stupid ASCII Addition Answer Page

So, I found a neat little math trick this morning that would build numbers out of ascii characters, so I modded it to respond to user content. Sound riveting and useless? Ya, well, it is. But it kept me entertained making it. The Stupid ASCII Addition Answer Page. Update: 2009-02-20 And then there’s the analytics… […]

February 17, 2009 | PHP Scripting | Comments Off on Stupid ASCII Addition Answer Page

Tight lips lose Apple business

Though I realize that they’re not perfect and that there is plenty of room for improvement, I do love Apple’s products. That said, they have some stupid practices. Being tight lipped about every aspect of products in development is one of them, and today it cost them 18 laptop purchases and guaranteed that there wouldn’t […]

December 15, 2006 | Computers | 6 comments