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Nov 1, 2004 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

I think this is more along the lines of where I want to go with the look. Simple and subtle. Clean and quick.

I really should get to using this how I originally intended – and that is to write and get things off my chest.

Things like Dan Parnell. Dan, Dan, Dan. Two words. Let Go.

It’s easy – let go.

I just don’t understand the drama that some people need to create. I fully understand that the mind can be a strange place – I recently felt out of place in my own skin (that’s a story for another post, maybe once I’m completely over it) – but I don’t get Dan or his behavior. He’s been given every chance to be a part of several online communities yet he continues to piss of the people around him and do stupid things that he should know better than to do. I guess I should leave it at that. He’s sent a cease and decist letter to the Clubhouse forums, which is absolutely absurd, so who knows what he’ll do about a blog post that nobody else reads.

In other events – I’m getting sick again. I can’t remember getting sick this much ever in my life. I’d hate to think that it is my workplace because I need the job right now – I need to finish what I was hired to do so that I have the portfolio piece. Then I can start looking to make a go of a freelance career. I’m confident I can do it – I just need the confidence to do it – and that confidence is growing. It is better than it has been before and I am close to being mentally ready to tackle it. I’m really looking forward to driving my own life instead of following the orders of others who are often contradictory and don’t know what a comfortable working environment really is and how it can effect the productivity of its employees.

On another positive note – I started drawing again today. Granted it is minor stuff, but it comes from within which is very important. And it is kinda silly, but I think very very helpful. Ya see when I look at random patterns, much like you see in countertops and even television static, I see little faces. Kinda like looking at clouds and seeing shapes. I started drawing them today and they’re fun. So much fun I’m gonna start taking a sketchbook into the bathrooms at work with me – the backs of the stalls have great patterns.

So, I guess that’s enough for now – I’m rambling and I really should be considering putting together some coherent thoughts.

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