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Bronchitis Again

Nov 4, 2004 | Life | By Shawn Parker

I really can’t beleive it – my bronchitis came back.

My brain is so confused right now as to which way is up and what it is like to not cough all the time and not have a constant headache.

Add on top of that work being, well, a let down, I’m not feeling that great about where I am right now. The only constants I have in my life right now are that my Wife loves me, my dogs fight with each other, and the house is here when I get home.

Andy and I have talked about the possibility of me going freelance once the work website is done – but I’m starting to doubt that it will ever get done. They’ve outsourced the re-imaging of the company at work but I fear that the content that I’m going to get from that is going to be less than complete and I’m going to be in a fight to either get the content I need or put out a mediocre, unorganized product.

When I was hired there was so much talk about wanting to make the website something special, and on top of that make it a useful marketing tool – not just a half assed repository of information. However I quickly learned that the people involved at that time neither had the vision nor the work ethic to pull off what they were talking about.

Now we have so many initatives and so few people that I’m not even sure what the priorities are around the department anymore. Obviously there is a push to reach our year end goals but I think that the unreasonable numbers that were put on that are putting a strain on everybody. I work with some people who have great work ethics but anymore it seems that nothing is getting done properly, or getting enough time dedicated to it to be done properly, to make a good product. It is rather annoying. Everything needed to be done yesterday yet nothing is getting done on time.

I don’t know, I just feel like my contributions are to helping the department tread water and not toward advancing the company. I don’t feel like my contributions are enough to make the job worthwhile to me.

Hopefully come the new year I’ll be in a position where I can leave and through a combinaton of freelance work and a part time position I can make enough money to get started on my own. I’m giddy with excitement at this prospect because I finally feel that I am ready to take on that task.

I just hope that I get to put a decent website in place at work before I leave – it would be a nice ego boost to have accomplished something while I was there.

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