That's why I keep doing it…

Well, after turning in the work for this client and picking up more work (hey! don’t look at me like that – lemme finish) my client turned around and gave me an old printer since she recently upgraded.

I am the proud new owner of an Epson 1520 inkjet printer.

I know what you’re thinking – the Epson 1520 doesn’t work with OSX. Well, partially right. The printer doesn’t automatically work with OSX, but this one has the Ethernet print server in it so I was able to turn on DHCP and get into the printer via LPR and print using GIMP drivers.

Not officially supported, but it works. I haven’t tried color yet, nor have I tried any postscript rendering, but it will spit out plain text.

I’m excited – my color options up to this point were either sending stuff with my wife to work so she can print a copy on their Xerox Phaser 7700 (nice, nice printer by the way) or print 8.5 x 11 comps and then print small areas at full size to show detail.

Now I don’t have to deal with that. And if I can drum up about $350 for iProof PowerRipX I can have PS Level 3 and a nicely color balanced output.

I really can’t wait to dive into this sucker and get him running and balanced.

So, I guess, this is why I keep doing freelance work. I have damn cool clients.

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