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The future of PuppyCam

Dec 6, 2004 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

Hm, I’m getting pretty disappointed at the lack of good php editors for Windows. If I can’t find one I’m gonna be tempted to take down PuppyCam so that I can use that computer at work.

I’m not just talking about features but about look and feel. Nothing on the windows side feels a good to use as Smultron, SubEthaEdit or skEdit.

It is rather disspointing because these are great applicaitions, skEdit in particular, and I just can’t find anything I like as much as it on the Windows side.

So that leaves me with the temptation of taking the iBook to work with me. Currently the iBook drives the PuppyCam because it is wireless and I can put it anywhere I want. If I decided to start using it for work then we’d lose PuppyCam.

So, the quest is on to find a good Windows PHP/XHTML/CSS editor so that I don’t have to sacrifice PuppyCam.

Tagged as: windows, osx, text-editor