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Dec 21, 2004 | Life | By Shawn Parker

Got a phone call at work, which is rare in itself, and it wasn’t even really for me. I got this phone call because I’m commonly referred to as the Webmaster at work. I think that is wrong but I don’t turn it down because maybe one day they’ll start paying me like a webmaster (ha! fat chance!).

This phone call was about somebody having a problem with logging into a webinar. Hm. Webinar. Webmaster. I guess that’s close enough for the receptionist. Now for a point of reference: our webinars are outsourced. We don’t control the hardware or software, all we do is use it. So when this guy was claiming that he could not log in, that the system was telling him that no webinar was available, and that somebody needs to fix the system I immediately took a step back. Not literally.

Now. The extent of my knowledge of this system is user management. I’m currently the only person who has rights to view all the user information, add/delete, control billing, etc… so by default I get all the questions even though I’ve never actually run or even logged into a webinar on this system. So needless to say I wasn’t sure where to start with troubleshooting this.

So, I started at the bottom. Where is he going to log in? OK, check, login page exists. What event was he trying to log into? Ooooh, no event listed. Since the webinar system in fact doesn’t seem to know that it has a webinar running I think to refer to the HTML email that we sent out to invite people. By this time I’ve spent all of 3 minutes on the phone with this guy and he’s already getting arrogant and pissed. I’m not very happy about that but I really tried to keep my cool. I was short with him because of his attitude but not rude, and he hung up on me.

By this time I actually have my HTML email invite open and lo and behold – our 1 hour webinar started, yes, 3 hours ago.

I didn’t even get a chance to get my petty revenge of telling this guy that he needs to read more carefully because in his quest to rant all over someone he never identified himself.

This just furthers my quest to move my desk into the closet with no phone where nobody can see or talk to me.

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