Netflix is evil

Damn, ever since we’ve gotten Netflix we’ve been renting movies that we wouldn’t normally have watched.

A few days ago it was Requiem for a Dream. The only two redeeming qualities of that movie was some nifty camera work and Jennifer Connely’s bush. And you really don’t get a very good look at her bush either. The movie was pretty depressing but was another one of those movies where you could see the bad things coming. It was rather predictable.

Tonight it was Dancer in the Dark. It started out as a promising movie but by the time it was half way through I already felt like had been running for 4 hours. It was painfully slow and filmed documentary style so there was nary a stable shot in the whole movie. And though I like Bjork’s voice there was nothing good about the musical scenes. The lyrics weren’t much more than conversation set to music – not a whole hell of a lot of effort went into making the music something more than part of the script.

Now, those two aside we’ve also got some knuckle draggers coming like the Salton Sea (a druggie movie with Val Kilmar) and iRobot. But then there’s also some bright ones coming that have been highly recommended like Napoleon Dynamite and the Seven Samurai. So, again, Netflix is evil. Now I don’t have any excuse not to sit on my ass and not do anything productive. Woe is me.

Ah, well. Back to rating movies so they can suggest even more movies I never knew existed…

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