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Stupid people means free iPods

Feb 28, 2005 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

Yep, I said it. Contrary to popular belief stupid people can contribute to society – to me in particular on occaision. Our little family is the owner of a semi-used 20gig 4th Generation iPod. It was free.

Free, how about that? Well, the reason it was free is what is extraordinary.

To preface this – I’ve barely cracked open the manual to my iPod. I found it intuitive and easy to use. A co-worker here in the office said the same thing – she was given an iPod as a gift and she only needed a manual to figure out one or two things about using it with the computer. Other than that it was simple and easy to use.

That said – this almost new iPod was given to my wife because the original owner, who received it as a gift, could not figure out how to use it. Yep. He was so perplexed by in in fact that he actually threw it in the trash because he thought there was something wrong with it. It was his wife that fished it out and gave it to my wife – yes, no joke, he actually threw it in a trash can.

So, now, thanks to someone being too stupid for their own good we have another 20gig iPod (I have a 20gig 4G and Andy has an original Mini). The only unfortunate part is that there are no cables included – this is litarally the iPod straight out of the trash. Surpisingly it has no scratches and initial testing shows it to be in perfect working condition.

We’re probably gonna end up doing something fun with it. We’ll most likely end up creating a contest for CH 54 memebers – something completely off the wall and hilarious that people will have to do to win this sucker. Andy is still torn as to wether she wants to keep her 4gig Mini or use the 20 gigger. But once we figure that out we’ll be pondering a fun and slightly evil contest to promote self humiliation and public nudity for the sake of our personal enjoyment and so that some lucky and determined soul can win a slightly used iPod.

Stay tuned and if you’re not already a CH 54 memeber – go sign up now!

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