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Microsoft solicits for bugs

Mar 10, 2005 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

So it seems that Microsoft may actually be serious in its bid to shore Internet Explorer in version 7 and actually make an up to date product. IE Blog is soliciting for suggested fixes for possible inclusion into IE7. They mention some popular IE7 bug fix sites as points of reference in their article as well and claim to be attentive to their development, so they should know what is wrong already.

In browsing through the comments it looks like the majore bases are being touched on so I think if MS can pull it off they can make a solid browser. They recently lost a lead developer (I’ll have to see if I can dig up the story – it happened this week) so it’ll be interesting to see if they can stay on track and get this update out soon.

Hopefully MS can get it done right. They surely have the resources and with the talk that they’ve got going on have proved me wrong (thus far) in my doubts about what IE7 will mean to the designers. Granted, it isn’t out yet but it looks like they’re gonna try and get the rendering bugs worked out. I hope they do us the favor of giving it a very unique browser ID string so that it is easy to distinguish from the older versions. Even if they don’t, the update will still be welcome.

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