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May 10, 2005 | Life | By Shawn Parker

I haven’t made a post in 8 days yet it feels like I’ve let this site fall into an abyss of obscurity. Odd the way time feels when you don’t really pay attention. I’m bad at judging the passage of time anyway but it seems that lately anything I let sit for a while seems to fall away so quickly that it feels like I’ve left it to rot.

What is really odd is that I haven’t been able to catch up either, I think its an odd feeling of being overwhelmed and not having a way out. I think I just need to get organized and prioritize some activities so that I can start to get a few things finished. There’s some things at home and at work that have lingered for a while and are starting to make other projects feel like they are a futile effort to get started.

I just need to finish a few things… just a few.


So, hopefully I can get mentally squared away and back into the swing of things. I’m still nose deep in learning PHP5 (and loving it, by the way) I haven’t been able to put it to good use yet. I have the basics of a back-end overhaul of this site started but that’s about it. Its a class that will open and close a web page in an xhtml/xml content type for compliant browsers but will sniff Internet Explorer and deliver it an html/text content type. This is a much needed overhaul as I made several key mistakes when building this site and they need fixing. And this is just an exercise to get into PHP5 so that I can start building a site permissions class that can be put to use over at Fuzzy Coconut.

I also need to get on learning JavaScript as I’m gonna need it at work.


On the home front I need to get that bathroom finished. We’re close and I only have a few things left to do but one of them is a doozy and will eat a lot of time. I need to hang the shower curtain ring, hang the towel rack (which is waiting for the shower curtain ring to go up so we can judge where it will look best) get some shelves for the small recessed area in the north wall, fill in the small edges around the tile floor and put in baseboard. The one project that’s gonna take a lot is getting the shower head up. That’s gonna take some creative plumbing to get it to work and be sturdy. I’m sure I can do it if I can find the parts that I think exist.

I also need to get the front of the house cleaned up. There’s still remenants of the bathroom work lingering out there that need to get put away and / or thrown away. We also need to pull weeds next to the curb. I have no idea where all those fucking weeds came from but we’ll need to spend a weekend morning out there pulling and killing weeds to get it looking at least semi-presentable. The last owners (or maybe the owners before that) put together a pretty dumb planter box idea that is currently falling apart as the wood ages and warps. I don’t thing they treated the wood and it is bowing something fierce.

I also need to get the old iBook G4 squared away so that we can sell it.


Then there’s work. I’ve got projects to keep 2 people busy. The SEO on the site is enough to take away half my week. On top of projects that are lingering and being held up by others there are the one offs and drive bys that eat time. I just can’t keep up and I’m wondering if I need to admit to some kind of defeat to keep my sanity. The amount of things going out through the web has increased significantly over the past 6 months and I’m getting nailed with a conference to brand every 5 months. Its nuts.

It is also looking like Fuzzy Coconut is gonna land a site redesign project so that’s gonna hit pretty hard too as the client has lingered a bit on getting their side going and like all clients I doubt their timeline expectations have changed one bit.

hubba hubba hubba hubba

So, if you see a hairy, naked man running down the highway yelling “hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba” just chalk it up to stress and please don’t video tape the news report.

On the upside there is a bright spot on the horizon. The monkey and I are gonna take a vacation this year! We’re gonna be in Washington DC over the week of July 1-9. We got a hotel that’s only 3 miles from the capitol building and I’m hoping that the 4th will be nutty fun around there.

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