Let the voices speak

something I saw in the noise pattern on a bathroom stallWhatever it is that is inside waiting to get out – let it out…

For me its odd imagery that I often pick out of random noise patterns – like the faux marble coating on the bathroom stalls or in stucco.

More often than not I let the image fade away and just go back to what I was doing. I’ve got to stop doing that. I get weird and wonderful images wandering through my head all the time but I haven’t seriously let them out sinse college.

I’m thinking I should start that back up again as it is quite liberating. It has a sense of regressing back to a childhood state where nothing was finite and all was possible. Something that I think I lost sometime after I graduated college and I think I lost a bit of my creativity along with it.

I’m not sure what brought it on, maybe it was the realization that my creativity needed to now support my life that put pressure on it to be professional and straight forward. That there was no longer room for whimsical or pointless.

Well, I’m now longing for the pointless again and I hope that this might be a way to get some of that pure, simple, creativity back. Set aside the tools and the technology and simply put pencil to paper and let the voices and images do the work.

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