Closer still

We have a shower in the bathroom!

The whole ordeal of getting a shower in this bathroom started when we ordered an acrylic clawfoot tub which cannot support the weight of overhead shower systems that are attached to the water valves. Something about the whole thing being too heavy.

Well, after finding that out we went for water access that came over the wall of the tub – but that also ruled out the attached shower assembly because of weight issues.

Um. Shit?

So, after much debate and 3 returned products, we’ve got a shower. We went back to the original setup and got an all included exposed shower assembly where part of the weight of the shower system lies on the water pipes that come up over the tub. I’ve already made it a but sturdier by installing a cross beam in the attic where the one side attaches so that I could drill directly into wood (and that side is mighty sturdy) and the other side uses wall anchors that came with the setup. I’m not thrilled about that side but it’ll hold until I can add another overhead support to that side and anchor it to a cross beam like the other one.

All I care about is that we now have a shower. I can’t express how incredibly nice it is to take a shower after more than 3 months.

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