Site Search Added

As it sits now it is a bit crude, but in no way rude. The datebox has been replaced with a searchbox – this has been my plan all along but I just finally got around to implementing it.

The search program is htDig and it works wonderfully. It is a spider based catalog system with a ton of configuration options. Installation was a bit tricky as I compiled straight from source, but once the unix mumbo jumbo was all done the install was perfect.

I’ve completely bypassed the standard form output and customized all of it to fit into the site template – doing so meant pushing an exec command to a shell script but its fast and complete – so I have no worries.

It looks a bit raw now but I plan on sprucing it up a bit. But for that we’ll all have to be patient. I think I should go pull some weeds now, they’re getting a bit tall out there on the corner…

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