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Going to start posting images

Aug 21, 2005 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

I’m going to start posting images here in an attempt to get myself more excited and maybe actually motivated to go out and shoot more. I don’t get out and do it enough and as of late I’ve found myself doubting my abilities as an artistic photographer. So this is also an attempt to boost my own ego a bit and remind myself of what I can do, and of how much fun it can be.

I’m starting off with this image because its fun. It was an afterthought as I was out doing other things for an internship and ended up with a shot that never ceases to crack me up.


Simply, its a horse. Sadly, if you’re looking at it on Windows its going to be terribly dark. But I don’t feel like adjusting the color for Windows, so, sorry to those of you who can’t view these on a Mac. I spend time color balancing and tweaking and it’ll be for Mac only. Windows is a lost cause on color so I won’t even bother.

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