Watch Those Teeth!

I was having a rough night last night since a hard drive failed on me and it was the one that housed my unwieldly music collection. I was pretty frustrated. I ended up going to bed already half asleep.

I wasn’t in bed more than 2 minutes when I heard something funny and the bed started to shake. The sound was a slurping sound and coming from the dog that was lying between me and the wife. As I look down there is a leg in the air and I could see it shaking from the gyration of the dog’s back hips.

The dog was masturbating in bed!

I had no idea what to do. I tried telling him to stop. When that failed I just grabbed his head and slowly pulled him away from his groin. Had I been more awake I might have been disturbed by it. Fortunately he stayed lying down and went back to sleep (something I’d not be able to do if I were so inclined to be masturbating in bed).

I’ve never thought about it that way

I’ve never had a problem with the thought of masturbation – Ok, aside from somebody making it a perverted act by publicizing it or doing it for shock value – so now that I look back at it I can only laugh at it.

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