Don't pay for that download manager, silly boy!

Not where there’s DownloadThemAll (dTa page at Mozilla Extensions site) available for Firefox. Normally stuff like this would just go in the links, but this is cool enough to dote on for a while.

I guess this would be one of those official endorsement thingies – I’ve been using this extension on both Winders XP and Mac OS X and its been perfect. Other download managers cost upwards of $20 and offer a ton of features, but all most of us need is something that downloads files and does it fast. And, this fits the bill nicely.

I’m not gonna write out everything it does, you can get that from the link, but I’m currently managing 700k – 1.3mb / sec while downloading the 919 MB XCode Developer Tools. DownloadThemAll is gonna have it ready to use in about 30 minutes total. Can’t argue with that one bit.

If you do a bunch of downloading, go get this… and for god’s sake don’t pay for a download manager!

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