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Tasty VIM Morsel

Sep 26, 2006 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

I just learned a nice little bit on using VIM and feel the need to share.

When using vim you can insert the contents of command line output by using the :r! command.

For example:

:r! ls /etc/httpd

would insert the directory list of the /etc/httpd directory.

:r! cat file.txt

would insert the contents of file.txt and insert it into the current file.

:r! man cd | col -b

would insert a clean verson of the MAN page for the cd command. col -b is needed to strip special line breaks that man pages contain.

:r! php file.php

would insert the output of the PHP script into the current file.

I can probably stop providing examples now. Handy freakin’ dandy! I dig it.

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