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And now an iTunes bitch…

Oct 6, 2006 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

So, I finally moved my music library back to the server this morning. But after launching iTunes I noticed that it can’t find a ton of the songs. Upon further inspection it can’t find any of the rated songs. All unrated songs are playing just fine – anything with a star rating is needing to be linked again.


I already knew that song ratings were not stored with the song but in a different file associated with iTunes. But now those rated songs have some kind of absolute path associated with them as well that prohibit the library from easily being moved?

That’s pretty frustrating.

iTunes creates an xml file of the library, but its only for other applications to use – the library is still stored in a proprietary format.

So, its gonna be a manual process of updating all the rated songs in my library to their new locations.

This has got to be my only real gripe with iTunes thus far, there are minor annoyances, but this is the first time iTunes has ever stopped everything I was doing because of an idiotic way of doing something.

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