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Hockey Hockey

Oct 9, 2006 | Life | By Shawn Parker

No, not tonsil hockey.

We bought a 14 game package to the Colorado Avalanche and so far have been to 2 winning games. Unfortunately the first one was preseason so it was refreshing to see this latest win against the Canuck-leheads after a couple of ties against Dallas and Minnesota.

I took the little Nikon camera with me this time just for fun.

The view

Inside the Pepsi Center

The kids

Shawn & Andy

The Final Score

Pepsi Center Scoreboard

I’m actually still getting used to all the new names. Not just on the Avs, but on the opposition as well. But I can get used to Luongo being a Canuck – he couldn’t win against the Avs when he was in Florida – lets hope that carries through the season in Vancouver as well.

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