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We finally got our xBox 360

Nov 12, 2006 | Jabberwocky | By Shawn Parker

I had been telling myself for the longest time, with the help of Andy, of course, that I could hold off on buying an xBox 360 until Halo 3 came out.

But then there was Gears of War. Truly addictive, very fun, and bloodier than hell.

Since we let our old xBox Live subscription expire we couldn’t get out old names back, but at least I could find something fun. Come and kick my ass if you see me online. I really suck. Though I’m starting to think that the Berserkers are actually kinda cute…

That other game we got too

As part of the package we also got Project Gotham Racing. And while I’ve enjoyed this game in the past I was sorely disappointed in the graphics after playing Gears of War.

I need to find a good driving game. I adore the old Gran Tourismo games and would love to see something along those lines on the xBox. I guess Forza does that, but I’ll have to try playing it first… despite having dove into Gears of War I really do have a hard time diving into new games without knowing a bit about them. Especially driving games where the feel of the game is so very important.

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