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Upping the speed of top-frog, and a little about the future

Jan 15, 2007 | Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

I’ve gotten a few comments about the speed of this site in the past. While considering the speed of the line it was being served on, 384Kbps, it wasn’t bad. But I finally got tired of the slow upload speed, for quite a few reasons, and upped the line. I now have a 768Kpbs upload. While not extraordinay, it is a significant improvement.

Now I just have to get around to actually making meaningful updates to the site. The puppycam hasn’t been running in months, and the spot I had allocated for it has since been overrun by a stereo. I’m debating the ability to set up an IP camera instead of the USB cam that I currently have but to get an outdoor safe camera costs a lot. I’d like to move it outdoors because its the behavior of the dogs at the fence that now has us curious.

The site needs to be updated, not necessarily the design, but the back end. Its currently a dumping ground of different scripts that somehow manage to work together. I have a framework in progress now that should be done soon (though I’ve been saying that for at least a month now) that I’ll be transferring over.

That framework will see active development since I’m using it for both work and freelance projects. I’m making an active investment of time and resources to make something that is extensible and that will last a long time.

All that, and I need to write more, and find interesting topics to write about. But I’m sure as I add more and more to the framework that I’ll post the little things that made my life easy so that maybe somebody can benefit from some of what I’m doing. I’m not sure if I’ll release the framework or not since its just me working on it and there are plenty of frameworks out there that have larger backing than just me. I wouldn’t want anyone to think less of me for having seen how I put everything together.

So, as usual, if you made it this far, thanks for drudging through the babble.

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