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Apple Software Update on Windows XP – What a Crock!

Jun 14, 2007 | Computers | By Shawn Parker

I love Apple to death, but sometimes they do things that really, really bug the hell out of me. The latest being the software update application for Windows. I made it a point that since my Windows XP installation is in Parallels that I didn’t need to install iTunes. Well, with Safari 3 came the option for a Software Update application. Knowing how easy things like that make life I went ahead and installed it.

After using it I now have iTunes – I thought I was only updating Quicktime. I figured that maybe I didn’t pay attention to something somewhere and so I just uninstalled iTunes and didn’t think anything more of it.

Today I hear that there’s a security fix for Safari because Safari shipped with some pretty nasty bugs so I used software update. And there it is… “iTunes + Quicktime” just waiting to be installed. It wasn’t my fault after all – the Software update application won’t just update Quicktime – it wants to install the entire iTunes plus Quicktime bundle.

Uh, I have two words for Apple here: Screw you! Don’t keep doing this crap – if I want iTunes I’ll download it – don’t push it on me!


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