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My New Best Friend

Dec 26, 2007 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

Ok, so my beautiful wife is my best friend, but this is running a close second 😉

I’ve actually had it for a few weeks now and just can’t get over it. I came into a little money and decided to treat myself to a new lens – a Canon EFS 10-22mm zoom lens with the lens hood (I don’t like to use UV filters for protection, so lens hoods are mandatory).

It was a debate wether to go with one of the cheaper Sigma or Tokina models, but for once I wanted to actually a own good, high end Canon lens (even if its not L glass).

Oh, and its so much fun… if you’re debating this lens, don’t. Just get it.

Obligatory Samples

Here’s a couple pics from the new lens (click ‘em to embiggen ‘em):

This is a straight up photo, at 10mm, about f9, I think.

This photo is an HDR photo, about 6 exposures, f9 as well.

I have yet to do any diffraction testing with the lens, but I hear its damn good down to f4.5 and up to around f11.

I’m so smitten with this lens. And if you ask the wife she probably does feel like the lens is #1 right now…

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