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Gippy's Got a New Job

May 2, 2008 | Life | By Shawn Parker

Just when you least expect it life changes. And quickly at that.

Long story short. A cold call from a recruiter on last Wednesday leads to me signing a work contract with a new employer the following Wednesday. Wow! I’ve never heard of that happening before, let alone with a company that has me this excited to work for them.

The kind of work I’ll have my mitts in to has me very excited. My current job is all about securing information and controlling access. This new job is about gathering and distributing information. Such a wild contrast. Its working in some new methodologies that I’m gonna have to pick up pretty quick, like REST, but as I look at those ideologies I find that for the most part I’ve been following them but with slight ways in which I fall short, but that I understand. So it should be a busy, but non-stressful transition.

The relationship should be mutually beneficial – I feel I’ve got a lot to offer as well as a lot to learn. On top of that it is downtown, so we’ll be able to sell a car and I’ll ride my bike again. Rain, snow or shine I love that. That will mean an approximate $5k+ savings on the year. I’m really excited on many levels.

So, just like that my job of 4.5 years is history and I’m off to a more focused and open work environment. The all Mac based environment is a plus too – no more MS! I’ll be able to justify that iPhone now! Ha. Now I just have to convince the wife of that one… 😉

In the near future I hope to have the brain energy to put more writing into this site – I think the new job will allow me to have that back. More focused work should leave me with more brain power at the end of the day to put into cleaning up my own framework and transferring this site on to that structure which will allow me to do more fun things here. I’m already digging around the Flickr API to see what fun stuff I can do with that. Its amazing what just a small push can do to get a person motivated, isn’t it?

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