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What I want in my next digital camera

Feb 17, 2009 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

I want a Pentax K1000 or Canon AE1 but with a digital sensor. That’s about it. I want a manual control only camera with a digital sensor. Keep the cost down by keeping out all the fancy dancy features. Here’s the basic features I would like to see:

  • Manual Mode
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Custom White Balance
  • PC flash sync & non-TTL hot shoe
  • Metal frame
  • Spot meter
  • “Nothing special” LCD
  • Maybe it could support autofocus lenses

Seriously. I would love this camera. Lightweight, inexpensive, and maybe with a nice retro design.

Canon? Pentax? Please? Those old K Mount and FD lenses are still freakin’ great (and I have some!). I’d love to be able to put them to use and get a small and convenient SLR.

C’mon – they’d sell to all us fogey’s who remember the good ol’ days when you didn’t know how well you’d shot until you developed the film.

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