WordPress TextMate Bundle updates

There’s been a few updates to the WordPress TextMate Bundle recently.

  1. Function Definitions:Use the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-H while the cursor is within or highlighting a WordPress function to bring up a tooltip that contains the current function’s usage and path to the file that defines the function.
  2. Goto Function: Included is functionality for defining the location of your local install of WordPress. This is defined in the plugins preferences (Command-Option-,). When this is defined the keyboard command Shift-Command-Option-H while the cursor is within or highlighting a WordPress function name will open the WordPress core file that contains the function definition for the current function.
  3. ReadMe.txt File Validation: Plugin README.txt files can now be validated from within TextMate. Simply select “Validate Plugin ReadMe” from the Bundle’s menu to send the current document to the online validator. Make updates to the ReadMe content and submit the changes directly within the popup window.
  4. Widget Template update: Replaced the WordPress 2.7+ Widget Object template with one from Mark Jaquith. </ol> Hopefully these are useful additions. I know I use them, in fact, its why I added them.


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