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WordPress TextMate bundle & BBEdit Clippings updated for WordPress 2.9

Dec 20, 2009 | Plugins, Web Design & Development | By Shawn Parker

I can actually say that I’m timely on this one! The WordPress TextMate Bundle and the WordPress Clippings for BBEdithave been updated for WordPress 2.9 “Carmen”.

There wasn’t a lot that changed as far as the bundle is concerned, most of it being about a shift in line numbers of where the functions are located in the core so that the Jump to Function action works properly. There’s also a built in About page now that provides documentation on the plugin as well as credits to the folks who have helped out.

The versions of the Bundle and Clippings that are compatible with WordPress 2.8 have been tagged at GitHub, so they’re still available through a direct download or git checkout.

On a side note, a less used (and maybe less practical resource), my WordPress Hooks Tag Cloud has been updated for the new 2.9 version (and, 2.8… whoopsie!). If you’re looking to see where a certain action or filter is used you can find that out there.

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