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Non race photos from a day at the races

Jun 19, 2010 | Photography | By Shawn Parker

I love heading out to the track and taking oodles and oodles of mediocre pictures of cars running around the track, but this weekend I found more to enjoy surrounding the race that actually in the races itself. The above photo was by far my favorite. I noticed the rider doing a few tricks on his way out to one of the track bunkers so I followed him on his ride back, hoping that he’d have fun on the way back in. Well, he noticed me lookin’ at him and hammed it up. This photo by far falls in to the category of “be prepared to be lucky”. Had I not been watching things around the preparation of the race I’d have missed a great opportunity.

The ATV wasn’t the only fun part of the day. Attached are a few more fun pics that had nothing to do with Porsche Club racing.

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