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WordPress TextMate Bundle Updated

Jul 21, 2010 | Plugins, TextMate | By Shawn Parker

I just updated the WordPress TexMate Bundle with some new features.

Cron/Scheduled Events

I’ve never really worked with the built in Cron in WordPress but have heard others talk about how much of a pain it is. After recently reading a article on scheduling events I was able to get the jist of it. The WordPress Bundle now includes snippets for complete actions such as registering single and recurring events. I figure I had better get the snippets in there while it was fresh in my mind.


A little less fresh in my mind were Transients. After watching a presentation on caching at WordCamp Boulder by the very likable (and, yes, smart) Sean O’Shaughnessy and Chris Scott from Voce Communications I got pretty stoked about these functions. Like the wp_cache… shortcuts there are now shortcuts to the transients functions. For more information about the wonderful world of transients check out WordPress Codex pages on the Transients API.

Scripts & Styles

Two new shortcuts for wp_register_script and wp_register_style were added. Though they’re a couple lesser used functions, I feel they’re a bit underused as well.

All done for now

So, while not a huge update it adds some obscure references that hopefully help some folks dive deeper in to developing for WordPress.

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