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The Heavy at The Bluebird Theater

Nov 14, 2010 | Concerts, Photography | By Shawn Parker

This one was a challenge. I think that if I hadn’t had the extra ISO capabilities that my new 7D provided I wouldn’t have come back with much of anything from this shoot. Not only is the Bluebird dark but I think they actually lowered the lights for these guys. To add insult to injury the lead singer was black. Dark room, black subject. Oh, and did I mention that the lead singer danced around the entire time? Now that’s a challenge!

Well, jack that ISO up, dial in 1/125 of a second shutter speed and hope that you’ve got the aperture to make it work. 😉 Fortunately at expanded ISO of 12800 provided by the 7D I was able to make something of this show. I tried to get a varied amount of shots which came out OK, considering the environment, but it wasn’t until I just decided to throw facial recognition out the window and go with the lighting how it was that I came out with something that I really liked.

When shooting a concert I think that getting 10 good shots and 1 wow shot is a good keeper rate. I’ve seen this reiterated by some heavies in the industry so I feel pretty good about how I’m doing thus far after a few shows in less than ideal conditions.

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