WordPress TextMate Bundle Updated

WordPress 3.1 RC is here, so I figure its time enough to issue an update my [recently neglected, sorry ‘bout that, its been busy] WordPress TextMate Bundle. All function definitions have been updated to the 3.1 RC code base. There is a tag for the 3.0 branch as it sat this afternoon.

No new features have been added yet, but this will at least jump you to the right place in the code base when needing to inspect an internal function. Suggestions for feature additions are always welcome, so lemme know how you use the bundle and how any improvements can help you use it better and I’ll see what I can do. As it always has been, the project’s source is freely available so you’re welcome to contribute as well if you wanna dive in to a little bit of Ruby code.

I know I’ll regret saying this, but one of my goals to hit during the 3.1 lifespan is a better code scrape of the WordPress core. I’ve been playing with a couple of different code scrapers/documentation engines to replace the janky regex that I’ve got going on, so hopefully I can find the time to put in to this as I think getting as much of the built in documentation to the surface as possible would be a boon to my sanity. Maybe once I’m caught up on my hackers list reading (I think I’m about 3 months behind) I might have a couple of ideas for adding to the bundle 😉

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