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USS Iowa

Jan 7, 2012 | Life, Photography | By Shawn Parker

The USS Iowa was brought down to Richmond, CA to be renovated before heading down to its permanent home and exhibition spot near Los Angeles, CA. Though not much was open to the public because its very early on in the restoration process it was still a wonderful visit.

Just looking at the ship you can tell that its spent the last 21 years tied up and neglected. If you can believe it from these photos (and I can’t) the Iowa has been considered “in reserve” for the majority of its decommissioned time. Congress deemed that at least 2 Iowa class battleships be kept available in case the need arises but this ship has obviously been mothballed.

From what I understand the Iowa will be in Richmond until March or April of 2012. A lot about its departure date depends on the weather and how much work they can get done before sending it down to LA for a July exhibit opening (I presume they’re aiming for a July 4 opening).

If you live within driving distance of Richmond I highly recommend heading out to take a look. It requires a $10 per person “donation” to visit but its well worth it. Even though we only got to walk around the fore deck a bit we got to listen to knowledgeable folks share stories about the ship. The stories and history is absolutely fascinating and worth the trip alone.

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